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Welcome to SeeHear Recordings 2020

Echoflex - Echoflex I

We are really pleased to present this summer the unique sound of Echoflex, ambient electronic soundscapes created on modular synthesizers inviting to dream and sweep away into another world and to forget the crazy things around us. 
Echoflex is moniker of David Muddyman aka Jamuud, artist and member of the group Loop Guru.

On Saturday 1st August the brand new album Echoflex I has been released on SeeHear, available for download and streaming at many music services.
In line with our philosophy, the Echoflex soundscapes are accompanied by Davids impressive abstract watercolour paintings from the R[o]aming collection. More details on our projects page.

The 1st August is the start of a bi-weekly release series: every 2nd Saturday another new album by Echoflex will be born,  from Echoflex I to Echoflex V. Don't miss something and insert the release-dates in your calendar comfortably with this link to the iCal-file (.ics) and stay tuned for fresh electronic sounds.
Please contact us at media@seehear.it for an album preview link and detailed release info if you want to announce Echoflex I in your music magazine or channel.

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Scud: - Material

Now as well as MP3-album: Scud: - Material, finest Drum & Bass and tricky grooves from both 12"-EPs "Material 1" and "Material 2". For those of you who prefer vinyl instead of bits'n'bytes on your hard drive: check our Online-Shop offers at SeeHearRec on eBay or SeeHear on DiscogsĀ®.

Our online revival started with the Swiss sextet Kubus |__|/ with their two jazzy albums Kubus and Kubulus.

Followed by the Soundtrack from our very first Release "No Fruit, No Serpent" by Visual Sounds < ( o ) >. On YouTube you can watch already three of their ambient-grooves music-clips, here is one of it:

More news to come - soon on this page. Enjoy to see and hear - seehear.it !