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Echoflex - Echoflex VII: MythosIt's Mythos -

worlds on a wood panel, worlds of shapes and colours,
worlds of depth and sense, worlds that take you away
and when you close your eyes you will see …


Echoflex VII: Mythos

The new album Echoflex VII: Mythos is adding the next, the 7th chapter to the story of Echoflex: it opens the doors to seven mythical worlds of fabulous art by Connor McIntyre and sonorous atmospheres by Echoflex.

Connor McIntyre is a famous British actor and painter. Echoflex is moniker of David Muddyman aka Jamuud, artist and member of the group Loop Guru. The soundart on Mythos is a fruit of inspiration between both artists and their deep fascination for mythology. All tracks were created using modular synthesis and recorded live.

Echoflex VII: Mythos has been revealed during Easter on Friday April, 2nd. Easter comes from Ä’ostre - the West Germanic spring goddess whose festival came to Britain with the Saxons in the fifth century. The word is said to have came from "Dawn in the East" - a festival to celebrate the passing of winter...

...and this year the release of Mythos added one more occasion to celebrate.

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Echoflex I, II and III: ambient soundscapes accompanying the R[o]aming-paintings

R[o]aming to the sound of

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energetic grooves, drums and basses for movements in- and outside the head

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varied worlds from calm to dancable, found beyond television tubes and black frontpanels

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fascinating sounds crossing the borders between clubmusic and art

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