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Echoflex - Echoflex VI: Piano Net

Echoflex VI: Piano Net

Long-echoed ambient meditative piano sounds with ancient Greek scales accompanied by stunning Watercolour Studies with hypnotic fading shapes.

The album „Echoflex VI: Piano Net” is Echoflex' response to the hard Covid-19 lockdowns:
Places that were accessible before now became inaccessible. We are restricted in who we can see and what we could do. In which case the memory of places became more important - for sanity's sake. The music and paintings reflects this, expressing the longing for the beloved places and people.

Both, the ambient music and paintings, help to calm down, to relax, meditate and gain new energy to master the challenges of our times.

We invite you to the wonderful world of Piano Net!

::: Echoflex

Echoflex I, II and III: ambient soundscapes accompanying the R[o]aming-paintings

R[o]aming to the sound of

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energetic grooves, drums and basses for movements in- and outside the head

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varied worlds from calm to dancable, found beyond television tubes and black frontpanels

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