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Heavy storms, strong rains, forests burning - the recent news are devastating: Many people lost their homes and even their lifes - in the fires in America, Australia, Greece, Turkey - in the floods in Belgium, China, Germany, India and other countries across the world.

To help in this worse situation, we are donating all revenues from Echoflex' ambient title "After The Deluge"

> to Malteser International - supporting people after catastrophies in many countries and
> to Atmosfair - supporting several sustainable energy projects accross the world to counteract the climate change.

Please share it with your friends: it is easy to listen & support - each "After The Deluge" stream and download will help!

The playlists are available on ::: Deezer ::: Spotify ::: Soundcloud ::: YouTube :::

"After The Deluge" appears on the ambient soundscapes album Echoflex VII: Mythos released on SeeHear Recordings in April last year: seven mythical worlds of fabulous art by Connor McIntyre and sonorous atmospheres by Echoflex.
Connor McIntyre is a famous British actor and painter. Echoflex is moniker of David Muddyman aka Jamuud, artist and member of the group Loop Guru. The soundart on Mythos is a fruit of inspiration between both artists and their deep fascination for mythology.
The calm sounds on Echoflex VII: Mythos were created and recorded live on modular synthesizers.Listening them may invoke a mood to go on, to see a future, a light after the deluge.

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Echoflex I, II and III: ambient soundscapes accompanying the R[o]aming-paintings

R[o]aming to the sound of

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energetic grooves, drums and basses for movements in- and outside the head

Scud: - Material 1Scud: - Material 2

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varied worlds from calm to dancable, found beyond television tubes and black frontpanels

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Visual Sounds < ( o ) > - No Fruit, No Serpent

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fascinating sounds crossing the borders between clubmusic and art

Kubus - Live at Boa Bar 2000
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