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ambient soundscapes accompanying the R[o]aming-paintings by David Muddyman aka Jamuud, artist and member of the group Loop Guru.

available on 1st August, the new album Echoflex I:

Echoflex: Echoflex I

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R[o]aming to the sound of Echoflex I

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::: scud:

energetic grooves, drums and basses for movements in- and outside the head

Scud: - Material 1Scud: - Material 2

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::: visual sounds < ( o ) >

varied worlds from calm to dancable, found beyond television tubes and black frontpanels

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Visual Sounds < ( o ) > - No Fruit, No Serpent

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::: Kubus |__|/

fascinating sounds crossing the borders between clubmusic and art

Kubus - KubusKubus - Kubulus

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::: electrigger

the independent magazine for electronic music beyond the mainstream

Finally back:

::: denkprozesse

the thoughtful series of pictures by thomy[ee on certain events - united with global dance music from the tinitusstadl.nacht vol.3 radio-DJ-set